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What Every Retirement Saver Needs to Know About 2022

Changes in contribution limits, taxes, Social Security benefits, Medicare premiums and more We all get sentimental from time to time, but unless you hit the lottery or found true love, you probably won't be looking back on 2021 all too fondly. The COVID-19 pandemic is...

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2022: The Year Consumers Discover Annuities

What You Need to Know The government is confusing. Stock market gains are high, for now. The Secure Act is turning employer-sponsored retirement plans into income-planning educators. Have you ever experienced the solution to a problem being in plain sight, only to...

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How to Retire Like a Millionaire with $500,000

As volatility creeps back into the marketplace the need for the guarantees that only annuities provide is only going to increase. Retire with $500,000 but Spend Like a Millionaire Inflation (CPI) went up 7 percent in 2021, the highest annual inflation increase since...

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22 Uses for Annuities in 2022

As we head toward 2022 and see more Americans reaching their mid- to late 60s, it is a great time to revisit how annuity products can be used to meet consumer financial challenges. In anticipation of the new year, here are 22 ideas on how consumers can use annuity...

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Expenses You Can Eliminate in Retirement

Eliminating these expenses means substantial savings in retirement. Lower your expenses. Many retirees are tempted to spend more money on leisure activities in retirement. Health care costs also tend to increase as people age. But there are many costs that decline in...

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Social Security Survivors Benefits

Social Security survivors benefits are paid to widows, widowers, and dependents of eligible workers. This benefit is particularly important for young families with children. This page provides detailed information about survivors benefits and can help you understand...

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2022 Is The Year Consumers Discover Value Of Annuities

Harry N. Stout, author and podcast host at the FinancialVerse says that 2022 will be the year that consumers proactively reach out for information and advice to explore the solutions that annuity products can provide to address some of their financial challenges. Here...

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An Overview of Annuities

Understanding the various types of annuities and how they work If you are considering buying an annuity to provide steady income during retirement, it's important to understand the different types and how they work. Here's a look at the fundamentals of annuities and...

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